Pola Day 35% CP Teeth Whitening Gel
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Pola Day 35% CP Teeth Whitening Gel


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Pola Day 35% CP Teeth Whitening Gel – 4 x Syringe Kit

Fluoride releasing
Pola Day and Pola Night both contain fluoride, which helps strengthen the tooth to protect it against sensitivity.

Safe and convenient
Pola Day and Pola Night’s unique high water content formulation has a neutral pH to protect gums and teeth during treatment.

Effective whitening
The desired whitening effect can be achieved in as little as 15 minutes or can be conveniently applied overnight while you sleep.

Pola Desensitising Technology (PDT)
Pola Day and Pola Night contain PDT to assist with the prevention of post treatment sensitivity.

What’s the difference between Pola Day and Pola Night?
Pola Day consists of a range of hydrogen peroxide based take home gels specifically designed for achieving whitening results for patients with limited time in their schedule.
Pola Night is a range of carbamide peroxide based take home gels that deliver optimum whitening results to patients who have more sensitive teeth.
Both ranges are available in a variety of different strengths with the lower concentrations geared towards more sensitive teeth.

Pola Day CP
Pola Day CP is the super-fast take home whitening gel which only to be worn just 15 minutes each day. It is designed for those people who need to jump start their tooth whitening in a short space of time.

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